Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Newspapers: Advantages and Disadvantages

Online newspapers are becoming more and more popular to news readers because of the internet boom in the past ten years. Advantages and disadvantages are listed below. Please comment based on your experience.

  • It's easy to access at many points during the day
  • It's mostly free
  • It's more environmentally friendly than getting a printed newspaper
  • It's faster to access
  • It's convenient to users that are not able to receive the printed version (not in the same location as the printed paper)


  • The newspaper companies are not receiving as much money
  • People will use their computers more and more
  • This could become the only source of newspapers
  • More jobs are being cut (ex: delivery services)


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Please add to advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Also, please share your experience with the technology.